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What is Guided Respiration Mindfulness Therapy?

Recent empirical research has presented GRMT as a clinical model of breathwork. However, its development actually came about gradually over many years starting around 1978, as Lloyd started to define an approach that worked well as a private practice treatment option that was acceptable to clients and exceeded their expectations.

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What is it like to get GRMT as a client?

Virtually all clients who receive GRMT sessions report a profound level of relaxation, but that's just the start. People with clinically diagnosed depression and anxiety disorders have expressed surprise at the rapid symptom reduction, the meaningful insights and spontaneous behavior change, and the sense of transformation that often takes place.


Research on GRMT

Guided Respirstion Mindfulness Therapy is informed by empirical research and clinical practice, and continues to be developed with an evidence-based philosophy. Have a look at the research reports on GRMT here.

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Training in GRMT

Training in GRMT is safe and supportive and ideally suited to clinical mental health counselors and other mental health professionals with an interest in a holistic approach that reliably produces client healing and transformation. Read what trainees have to say.

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New Zealand GRMT Retreat

In the Far North of New Zealand on a rural property that sits on the ridge of a hill looking out to sunsets in the Pacific Ocean in the west, north toward the northern tip of NZ, across rolling farmland to the coastal ranges in the east, and south to mountains, you will find an amazing place to participate in GRMT training.

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About Dr Lloyd Lalande

As a teenager in New Zealand in the early 1970's Lloyd was on a quest for deeper self-awareness. Meditation, fasting, self-analysis and cognitive change among other explorations, eventually led to exposure to breathwork. The personally profound and transformational impact of these early breathwork experiences was to have a life-long impact on Lloyd, informing many aspects of his work in private practice counseling, academic work and doctoral research.

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