About Guided Respiration Mindfulness Therapy

Guided Respiration Mindfulness Therapy (GRMT) is a clinically oriented, evidence-based model of Breathwork. It has been developed by Dr Lloyd Lalande as a standardized, manual-based approach that is suitable for use in mental health settings, as well as personal development and transformation contexts.

GRMT is very suited to private practice offering a treatment option that is well received by clients and appreciated by therapists for helping them provide healing and change that goes beyond their clients expectations.

Virtually all clients who receive GRMT sessions report a profound level of stress reduction, relaxation, and clarity of thought. And people with clinically diagnosed depression and anxiety disorders have expressed surprise at the rapid symptom reduction, meaningful insights, and spontaneous behavior change. There is often a sense of a positive transformation in personality.

GRMT is informed by both empirical research on psychopathology and healthy breathing and many years of clinical practice with Breathwork as a counselor and psychotherapist. GRMT is also informed by Lloyd's experience with pioneer Breathwork practitioners, and his many years of studying Buddhist psychology and meditation practice. GRMT represents an exciting evolution beyond existing Breathwork practices and is at the forefront of emerging mental health practices that embody holistic principles and aim for the integration of mind, body and spirit.

GRMT is practiced in an intensive, highly experiential 60 minute process. Clinical trial research has shown GRMT is a fast, effective treatment for reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. It has also been shown to increase sense of wellbeing and a sense of looking at the world in a fresh new way. Qualitative research of clients' perceived changes due to receiving sessions of GRMT include increased ability to relax, increased self-awareness and sense of mastery over thoughts, emotions and behavior. People also report experiencing deep insight into issues that were previously outside of their awareness. Additionally, research shows GRMT can increase confidence and motivation to change.