GRMT training is available in a range of formats.

(Note for researchers: All training is manual-based and can be provided in a context of psychotherapy research and be evaluated for training effectiveness)


The GRMT 2-Day Training

This is clinically focused and designed to introduce mental health and related health professionals to the theory, supporting research, and practice of GRMT. Training provides hands-on experiential practice of the intervention from both therapist and client perspectives. A specific focus of the training is the use of GRMT in the treatment of anxiety.

The 2-day workshop offered by Dr Lloyd Lalande has been empirically evaluated for training effectiveness. Therapists attending have demonstrated acquisition of foundational knowledge in the approach. Therapists also report participation was personally rewarding and offered a variety of personal insights and healing experiences. 


A 6-Day Intensive Clinical Training in Guided Respiration Mindfulness Therapy

This is designed for practicing mental health and related professionals interested in becoming clinically competent in the practice of GMRT, as well as personally developing deeper levels of self-awareness and transformation.

  • Receive assured learning in a manualised training with research demonstrated effectiveness
  • Learn the theoretical foundation of GRMT
  • Explore the processes of change active in GRMT that lead to client outcomes
  • Develop the competence in the knowledge and skills needed for the time efficient and effective clinical facilitation of GRMT
  • Experience confidence communicating what GRMT is and how it works to clients and other health professionals
  • Participate in hands-on experience of GRMT from both the therapist and client role while receiving personal supervision style support

This program meets clinical psychologists expectations of professional development training and is based on the GRMT therapist training first developed and evaluated as part of the clinical trial of GRMT in the treatment for depression and anxiety conducted by Dr Lalande with the Queensland University of Technology.


Research Focused Training

GRMT training can be provided and tailored for use in psychotherapy studies. For example, GRMT was recently delivered to nurses in a randomized controlled trial comparison with a mindfulness based cognitive therapy intervention as part of Doctoral research at the Tzu Chi Buddhist General Hospital in Hualien, Taiwan. 


Comments from students and others after attending an experiential GRMT workshop

"I really had no idea that unconscious material could be accessed and integrated so quickly. I mean, things that we are not even aware of as still having an impact in our current lives. I feel like this is my therapy."  Jenny - Master of Psychology (Clinical)

"As an intervention, I recon if people felt this good after a session they would not want to stop!"  Peter - Master of Psychology (Clinical)

"In the role of the client what is standing out for me is, today I can see progress in the whole way I involve myself in it, the hour just felt like 10 minutes, that surprised me, I have never lost an hour like that. Yeah, I am curious about this and where it is going to take me."  Rita - Psychologist

"As the client I had three experiences all related to the same issue that happened when I was younger. I had not grieved over it and it came out of no where, left field, totally left field. So that was really exciting, to acknowledge that and let that go."  June - Social Worker

"As a therapist, I feel more confident. I think the better breather I become the better therapist I will become. I think the better I know about how I breathe and notice what I do with my breathing, that will help a lot with my practice."  Michelle - Master of Psychology (Clinical)


Please contact Lloyd for more information about training.