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Personal counseling

Relationship difficulties, decisions and adjustments

Adjusting to challenging situations, environment, or culture

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Personal counselling

Depression and anxiety are common and unpleasant experiences. Sometimes it's obvious there's something wrong, other times depresion or anxiety sneek up on you. Even my peers working in mental health are not immune. Some of us might be more resilient, but as life situations change so can our level of vulnerabliity. As an experiencedl mental health practitioner, with an background in personal transformation, I can help.  The same is true for post-traumatic stress, problems that have their root in difficult childhood experiences, and self-worth and confidence issues.

Relationship difficulties, decisions and adjustments

Help for individuals and couples. Did you know the most common reason people seek out a counselor is to get help for relationship related problems. Clearly, many aspects of relationships can be challenging, including attracting a partner and keeping a partner. And the challenges change throughout life. With good intentions those coming to counseling have often tried to solve problems on their own, sometimes over lengthy periods of time employing a variety of strategies, but have been unable to do so. Eventually, with the prospect of experiencing increasing drama, distress or despair, the choice to search for a professional who can offer genuine help is the more attractive option. Someone who has experience, knowledge, compassion and wisdom. If you need some counselling support, either for yourself or you and a partner, I can help.

Adjusting to challenging situations, environment, or culture

With the China Virus unleashed upon the world at the beginning of 2020 we have seen unprecedented challenges that have struck virtually all people, communities and nations at their core. With a focus on integration, I can help with the process of resolving traumatic stress, moving through grief and loss, coming to terms with change and setting new directions.

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