What is GRMT?

Guided Respiration Mindfulness Therapy was developed as an evidence-based, clinical approach to breathwork by Dr Lloyd Lalande in doctoral research conducted at the Queensland University of Technology aimed at the treatment of depression and anxiety.

Clinical trial quantitative research using well established outcome measures has shown GRMT is a fast, effective treatment for reducing depression and anxiety symptoms and increasing overall sense of wellbeing. Qualitative research of clients perceived changes due to receiving sessions of GMRT include increased ability to relax, increased capacity for mindfulness, as well as experiences of insight and changes in confidence and motivation. 

GRMT is informed by Buddhist psychology, meditation practice, breathwork practice and the respiration literature on healthy breathing. The approach combines the sustained self-regulation of breathing, somatically focused mindfulness and relaxation in an intensive 60 minute intervention.

The process produces rapid stress reduction, and promotes mind-body integration. A session can produce a clear mental state, positive emotion and a sense of looking at the world in a fresh new way. For more information, see the research articles below.



 Sessions can be delivered in individual or group format


Research Articles

Guided Respiration Mindfulness Therapy: Development and Evaluation of a Brief Therapist Training Program

This research article describes the development and evaluation of a standardized multi-component therapist training program in guided respiration mindfulness therapy (GRMT).

An uncontrolled clinical trial of guided respiration mindfulness therapy (GRMT) in the treatment of depression and anxiety

This research article reports the outcomes of the manualized treatment program for depression and anxiety with clients. Forty-two participants with a primary diagnosis of depression or anxiety disorder participated in an uncontrolled clinical trial evaluating treatment response using standardised outcome measures with data collected on a session-by-session basis.